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Decorating Your Newly Built Coastal Home
January 27, 2021

Decorating Your Newly Built Coastal Home

When working with Legacy Homes by Bill Clark, you can rest assured that you’re working with the experts on classic, coastal design in Southeastern North Carolina. Whether you’re steps from the beach or a bit of a drive, we encourage highlighting the coastal features and finishes of our homes—but that doesn’t mean you have to go completely overboard. Here are some of our favorite tips for decorating your new home in North Carolina. 

Pick your perfect finishes  

Early in the process of building with Legacy Homes by Bill Clark, you’ll visit the Design Studio to help spark your imagination. Our talented designers will assist you in browsing finishes, materials and color palettes for your home to bring what you’ve been envisioning to life. 

The options for your new home are nearly endless—so whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or need guidance when developing a more complete home aesthetic, we can help you narrow your search to create a cohesive look. Once designers have a grasp on your taste and style, they will work to complement your design with personal touches to make your future house truly feel like home.  Design center for Legacy Homes by Bill Clark

Channel breezy, seaside relaxation

Now that your new home is complete and you’re ready to start filling it with furniture and decor you love, it’s best to channel the surrounding environment to complement the finishes you’ve chosen. Perhaps the best thing about living in the areas we build is the natural beauty North Carolina offers—which is a really special thing to incorporate into your decor and home furnishings. 

Coastal design typically includes ocean-inspired color palettes, light and bright finishes, the use of glass and mirror accents and delicate seaside accessories. Because our Design Studio is perfectly curated to the regional design, this decor style will fit right into your space. 

Blues, greys, neutrals and muted green colors will be an easy choice to match the vibe your home has set with the hardwood floor options, paint colors and cabinet finishes. Spruce up tabletops, counter space and ottomans with glass-centric centerpieces, coastal-inspired flower arrangements and impressive seashells you stumbled upon (or purchased).  

Incorporate natural textures

One of the most noticeable aspects of coastal-inspired design in the use of natural textures and more casual furnishing. Being comfortable and casual does not mean sacrificing style—so go for light or whitewashed wood, rattan or seagrass for furniture and accent pieces. Natural wood makes a great focal point as a centerpiece or wall hanging, and woven rugs in a neutral palette will really help tie the entire look together.


Make the most of your coastal home

Whether you’ve lived on the coast your entire life or just made the move from out of state, it can be difficult to use a coastal theme elegantly. With Legacy Homes by Bill Clark, you’ll have the ideal starting point for the process and can create the coastal home of your dreams in no time. Find your perfect floor plan and contact us today to get started.  

Example of coastal interior design in a new home in North Carolina

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