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Design Consultant Of The Month
November 21, 2022

Design Consultant Of The Month

Our Design Consultant team went through the DC Pro Training Program this past year to further advance their skills and talents. DC Pro (Design Consultant Professional) is a course developed by the Success Strategies team. It is the gold-standard online training program & industry-first certification exclusively for Design Studio Consultants.

Our Design Team decided to undergo this training to ensure that our clients have an unparalleled experience in our Design Studio and throughout their entire home-building process.

Once a month, Success Strategies and The National Design Studio Institute select one Designer from the program as Design Consultant of the Month.

Our Design Consultant, Jessica Hall, was selected as Design Consultant of the Month for November 2022.

Here are some of Jessica's achievements that qualified her to be the Design Consultant of the Month for November 2022.

Successful catalyst for improvement

One of Jess's most significant contributions to the design team is to change how they approach design meetings. She has the innate ability to anticipate the information the clients need or want to help make their design decisionsJess thinks about every situation as if she were the client and how she would expect the information to be presented. She helped set expectations up front for customers as she learned about each new community and its unique included features.

Robin Campbell, Director of Sales & Marketing, says:

"This, along with the design team completing the DC PRO course, has resulted in a more consistent pre-meeting planning, more focused review before client approvals, and more accountability for our entire design team.

One challenge when joining an established group is pushing the status quo. Jess's approach has been a great example that we have used to push our most seasoned Design Consultants to be at the top of their game. DC PRO has reinforced it."

Quickly Ramped up to the Role as a Trusted Advisor

Jess's love for learning and client care is one of the main reasons she's succeeded so quickly in her role as a Design Consultant. Her experience in the furniture industry gives her an advantage for clients looking to plan their new homes around how they will live in them. Jess can make recommendations accordingly.

Customers immediately gravitated to Jess during their design meetings. Her preparation and consideration for their wants and needs while respecting investment ranges has resulted in delighted clients.

Robin says, "With any new role, there is a learning curve with product knowledge and best practices. Jess could jump in and ask all the right questions to quickly advance herself to a position as a trusted advisor while providing appropriate guidance to each client."

Confidently Handles Challenging Customer Situations.

Jess has experienced tremendous professional growth this year, dealing with adversity in the building industry. Product supply issues and construction delays have forced Jess into uncomfortable situations that she has navigated well.

Jess jumped in feet first when dealing with product availability, building timelines, and discontinued products while still maintaining confidence in her builder and product choices and this has helped customers remain calm and assured that Jess and the builder team are working in their best interest. Jess feels that being upfront about these real challenges has drastically improved the building process for her customers and the rest of the builder team. She explains that she'll be there to guide them in any potential reselections or to support them in any other way possible, which has instilled customer trust in both her and the builder.

Robin says, "We have had our share of challenging clients, especially those frustrated with delays and unavailability of product. Jess's ability to manage tough clients respectfully while not letting them run over her or take control of the situation is awe-inspiring and often imitated by the rest of the design team."

Jessica's Journey

Since earning her Interior Design degree 7 years ago, Jess has worked in the design field. She began her career in the furniture business, which laid the foundation for her to master the art of pairing various colors, finishes, and textiles together. Next, working as an in-home designer, she began to understand better how homeowners use their spaces most effectively and efficiently. Pairing these skills, she can combine design and function to better serve her homebuying clients in curating a home that reflects their personalities and also serves their lifestyle needs.

What She Loves Most About Her Career

"I love getting to meet new people and learning about their lives! Many of our homeowners accomplished a lot over their lifetime, and I always am excited to hear about their life experiences that they are excited about. From having your first child or grandchild to being a commercial pilot for over 30 years to inventing a new product- I love to hear it all! It's a fun way to form a deeper connection with your homeowners and establish a relationship that lets them know you genuinely care who they are as a person."

Favorite Design Trend

"My favorite design trend currently is the use of colors- whether that be a fun tile in a little girl's bathroom, an exciting wallpaper used over wainscoting in a dining room, or a moody colored study with the ceiling painted the same color. I love that people are starting to break out of their shells and have their homes reflect their personalities more!"

Note from Jane

"Jessica's enthusiasm and desire to succeed are infectious. I'm impressed by how she's setting the bar for the design team. Her genuine care for her customers is apparent, and it's her superpower. And Jessica, the color will become a BIG DEAL from now on, so keep on helping your customers explore how it can enhance their lives in their new homes."

Join us in Congratulating Jessica, a fabulous recipient of our Design Consultant of the Month designation for November!

Thank you so much to Jane Meagher and her team for providing our Design Team with a fantastic experience and assisting them in strengthening their crafts and growing in their careers.

To learn more about Success Strategies and DC Pro, go to

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Written by Success Strategies and Julia Mallozzi

Photo: Lemonstripe Photography

Graphics: Julia Mallozzi

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