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Housing Trends
November 30, 2020

Housing Trends

The idea of “home” seemed to mean more this year with North Carolina families spending extra time indoors. Homes became offices, classrooms, gourmet restaurants and quiet escapes from the rest of the world, which is apparent in each of the top home design trends of 2020.

Legacy Homes by Bill Clark examined a few of these popular themes to incorporate into future floor plans and help make your next home a legacy.

Flexible spaces

Whether you prefer a designated flex room or an additional bedroom that can adapt to your needs, flexible spaces proved invaluable for many homeowners this year. 

Some of these rooms became quiet workspaces that facilitated focus without distraction. Others fulfilled the need for multi-generational housing with college-aged kids home from school or parents moving closer for an easier quarantine. 

Either way, planning ahead for a space that quickly converts can help to extend the life of your home by meeting different needs along the way.

Added storage space in the kitchen

One of the biggest requests in the design center was convenient but easily concealed storage space in the kitchen with oversized pantries and islands with cabinets.

Many Legacy Homes floor plans already feature oversized walk-in pantries off the kitchen which helps to keep the kitchen organized and countertops clean with enough room to store larger appliances and extra supplies on floor-to-ceiling shelves. Once you have collected your ingredients and utensils, the pantry is quickly hidden again behind a sliding door for a flawless presentation when it is time to entertain. 

Kitchen islands set across from the oven and stove also offer a valuable storage solution keeping frequently-used cookware within reach for easy meal preparation.

Formal Dining Rooms

Although many buyers were moving away from formal dining rooms and opting for more of an open floor plan the past few years, the concept is making a comeback. 

A formal dining room gives your guests a peaceful space separated from the rest of the home to enjoy a meal and the company. Even without guests, eating in a formal dining room can help to add a sense of ceremony too at the end of a relatively ambiguous workday without a commute to break up the evening. 

Walk-in showers

Accessibility is the key to aging in place and a walk-in shower is a great way to start. This does not mean you need to get rid of every bathtub or bathtub-shower in your home, but adding at least one walk-in will pay dividends in future years. Plus, they provide a lot more options for personalization with frameless glass shower doors and custom tile work on the walls.

Designing your next home

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