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Liven Up Your Space With Houseplants
August 18, 2021

Liven Up Your Space With Houseplants

Houseplants are a trendy adornment that add a fresh and lively look to your home while also aiding in air purification—making the house even healthier. A few leaves are bound to turn brown when first getting into houseplants, but that’s no reason to give up on your green thumb. The team at Legacy Homes by Bill Clark put together a guide of helpful tips to get you started on the right path. 

Know Which Plants Work Best in Your Home

Not every plant is going to thrive in your home, and one of the main reasons is access to sunlight. Most plants you find at the store will label if it’s low light, medium light or bright light. Low light plants survive with no direct sunlight, so you can place your plant a good distance from the window or in a windowless bathroom. Medium light plants do well when there is a barrier, like a curtain or space between the plant and window. Bright light means there should be no barrier between the plant and light. Place these directly by a window, preferably a southern-facing one.

Our coastal-inspired homes are designed to emit plenty of natural light with large, energy-efficient windows. Curious as to which plants will work best in your space? Some great low light plant options are of the Sansevieria variety—known more commonly as snake plants. This is a great beginner plant because they are very low maintenance and don’t require much water. They do best when you leave them be, and can even survive in dark corners of the home. Another great low light plant is the pothos plant, which will reward you with long, trailing vines when it’s left alone to grow. 

Ferns and anthuriums are perfect medium light plants—but for bright areas with an abundance of natural light try aloe vera or cacti.

Don’t Forget Drainage

Now that you’ve picked out the best plants for your space, you need to consider the container that they’re in. It’s important that your plants have a drainage system in place for two important reasons. First, drainage prevents over watering, because any water that the plant doesn’t need will be emptied out. Second, drainage prevents root rot in your plants—a disease that can decay roots and kill your plants.

Look for a hole in the bottom of your planter, and you’re all set. But if you’ve fallen in love with a pot that doesn’t have drainage holes, there’s a simple fix—create a base layer of small rocks and place dirt on top when planting your plant. This will work the same as having a planter with a saucer underneath, as water will escape the soil and drain into the gaps of the rocks.

Set a Schedule

A common worry with houseplants is the fear of over or under watering them, but you can keep track of the watering schedule on a calendar to avoid this. Some plants need more water than others, but a good rule of thumb is once a week. This can increase depending on the humidity in your house, which will fluctuate during the seasons. Summer months also mean more sunlight, so you might have to increase your water to twice per week. 

Research the plants you have to learn how much water they need, and then try to not fuss over them too much. Letting soil dry out between watering will actually yield healthier plants.

Spice Up Your Home 

For  people living along the coast of North Carolina, houseplants can bring some of the natural beauty from outside of your home right inside before the cooler months come along. If a coastal custom or semi-custom home is calling your name, look no further than Legacy Homes by Bill Clark. We’ll help you find the best location, community and customized floor plan for your family. Want to be in your new home sooner rather than later? Browse our inventory of available homes in Wilmington and contact us today to take the next step.

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